27 degrees


Yes it’s October and not only is it October, but it’s getting towards the end of October.

Yet today has been bright, sunny and mild. And according to my car, it was 27 degrees. Ok, so it was parked in the direct sun in the car park but still, impressive for this time of year.

I knew it was going to be a fabulous day when I opened the bathroom window this morning and heard nothing but birds singing, not bad considering I live in a built up, urban setting. Heaps to do today so I also knew it was going to be a hectic one, but as it was so bright and beautiful I decided to leave the car in said car park and walk the mile or so down the road to a particular shop I needed to visit. As I walked I was aware of a different vibe in the air. The street was as busy as usual with buses, taxis, road works and the like but people looked happy. They let each other pass by, held doors, sat and drank coffee outside, looked calm and relaxed, and my little boy was happily chattering away to himself in the buggy; there was a serenity in the air today.

Sunshine, calmness, happiness…. people appreciating a beautiful autumnal day for each one of these might be our last, winter is looming. Well worth taking a short time out of a hectic day to enjoy these moments. It doesn’t take long but the effects can last all day, blissful.

Ok, so the car informed me it was actually only 19 degrees outside by the time I reached home. But still, not bad for October.

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