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**New Baby, New Mama Postnatal Course**

Upcoming course dates:
12th, 19, 26th November & 3rd December

Parenting Consultancy Empowering Parents

Weaning Workshop


Our first Weaning Workshop of 2015 is fast approaching!

On 12th February we will be holding a friendly & informal workshop suitable for parents with babies from 4 months onwards. The aim of the workshop is to help you feel prepared, confident and ready to enjoy this exciting new phase of your baby’s development. This is a relaxed session so please feel free to bring baby along!

What we will cover in the session:

  • Knowing when to start introducing solids
  • How to get started
  • Baby Led Weaning
  • Traditional Weaning
  • Practical hints and tips
  • Nutritional information
  • How to make mealtimes fun & setting good habits for life

Venue:  Pitter Patter @ The Roundhouse, Northside Wandsworth Common, SW18 2SS

Date: Thursday 12th February 2015

Time: 1-3pm

Cost:   ** Exclusive New Year Discount **

To celebrate our first Weaning Workshop of 2015 Mama Knows Best are offering a special discounted price of £30 per person or if you book together with a friend the cost will be £50 for you both, which is just £25 each.

Booking:  Please contact Jenny on hello@mamaknowsbest.org.uk or 07707 304 693 to book your place

Advance booking & payment required.


New Baby, New Mama Postnatal Course


New Baby, New Mama Postnatal Course


Our postnatal courses offer practical & emotional support to empower you in the early days of parenthood & offer you the chance to meet other new mamas.

We look at different topics each week ranging from life as a new family, bonding and parenting styles to routines & rhythms and baby’s development.

**Upcoming course dates to be announced soon**

Place: Pitter Patter @ The Roundhouse, 2 Northside Wandsworth Common, SW18 2SS

Get in touch to book your place:

Phone: 07707 304693

Email: hello@mamaknowsbest.org.uk

Web: www.mamaknowsbest.org.uk

Sessions are one hour long and run for 4 consecutive weeks in baby friendly venues. Advance payment is required for the full 4 weeks to secure your place. Suitable from newborn upwards


Once a mother, always a mother


Being a mother is a full time job. When you have a child, you become a mother and going back to work doesn’t change that; you are and will still be a full time mother even if you also go to work. So when I hear people refer to working mums as ‘part time’ mums I think to myself, “No way, there’s no such thing as a part time mum!!”.   Read More

Breastmilk donation

Breastmilk donation can save lives

It is one of the most precious gifts that can be given to premature and sick babies whose mothers who are unable to provide them with sufficient breastmilk of their own. Read this personal account of what it’s like to donate breastmilk from Claire, a fabulous mama to two gorgeous boys: Read More

PND & Baby Wearing


Baby Wearing is rapidly gaining popularity in Western cultures, not least due to it’s potential to lessen risks of postnatal depression.

Rosey is mama to 3 children and has suffered both pre and postnatal depression. Rosey is recovering and credits baby wearing as something that has helped her. Rosey blogs about her experiences of pre and postnatal depression, raises awareness and supports others with this hidden illness. Here she shares with us her baby-wearing experience….. Read More

Baby Wearing


I stumbled across this quote about baby-wearing on a Daddy’s blog and just love it…

Baby Wearing – It’s no longer cool to merely baby carry. Cool parents wear their babies. Scandinavian parents do it, so it must be cool.

Whilst baby-wearing is cool, it’s not the only reason to give it a go. It feels lovely to hold your baby close to you, so what could be better than ‘wearing’ your little one? Pop baby into a cloth sling and there you go, you’re a baby-wearer. Babies just love the warmth …
Read More

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