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PND and Me – a poem by Rose Wren


This fantastic poem is by Rose Wren, Mother of 3. Rose is passionate about raising awareness of postnatal depression to help others.

In her words…

My poem explains what i went through, what i still go through, PND hasn’t left me for good, but i will fight it every single day until i can finally wave it goodbye forever.

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PND – how you can help…


Some days are better than others

Those suffering post-natal depression have good days and bad days. If you are close to a mother who is suffering you need to accept this and offer support on bad days and encouragement on good days. Slowly the good days will increase and the bad days decrease, but this will take time.

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We all know sleep is important for babies and young children, but why?


Sleep is really important for babies and young children as it is during this time that vital growth and repair occurs. Both mental and physical well being are affected by sleep and studies show that if a child doesn’t have enough sleep their ability to learn, grow and relax may be impaired. We know from our own experience that when a child has slept well they are likely to be generally happier and more energetic.

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Sleep tight, little one….zzzzz


An appropriate sleep environment is important to support positive sleep habits. This means thinking about good ‘sleep hygiene’ which includes routine and environment. Make sure that baby is having good naps during the day, with a consistent daytime nap routine.

It is wise to make sure the last hour of the day is a generally calm and quiet time. This may be playing quietly, reading, or watching television, but avoid letting children rush around and get over excited at this time. If a parent is likely to return home from work around now be sure they are aware that this is a quiet part of the day and not to over excite the little ones. There is a real danger of this happening if they haven’t seen each other all day, beware!

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Mama Knows Best


The arrival of a newborn baby is joyful, but it can also be an exhausting, stressful, exhilarating haze, which leaves you in a blurry whirlwind of nappies, feeding and sleepless nights.

Sometimes it may feel like it will never end. Each day runs into the next and you may feel like you haven’t still haven’t achieved the simplest of non-baby related tasks. Your mind feels foggy, you’re receiving conflicting advice from well meaning friends and family about sleep routines, co-sleeping, breastfeeding vs bottle feeding, to swaddle or not to swaddle..….

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Bonfire fun!


According to CAPT, over 550 children under 16 are taken to A&E in the 4 weeks surrounding bonfire night. These are more likely to be boys than girls, especially aged 12 – 15 years.

CAPT also warn about sparklers – they can reach a temperature of 2,000 degrees Celsius which is 20 times the boiling point of water (www.capt.org.uk)

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Ok, so who’s ready for potty training?


We always question whether or not a child is yet ready for potty training. Of course the child needs to be ready to make the nappy to pants transition a success, but they are not the only ones who must be ready to make the move.  There is another crucial element needed in this puzzle to make the potty training mission a success.


Without Mummy & Daddy on board this is never going to work….

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27 degrees


Yes it’s October and not only is it October, but it’s getting towards the end of October.

Yet today has been bright, sunny and mild. And according to my car, it was 27 degrees. Ok, so it was parked in the direct sun in the car park but still, impressive for this time of year.

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