Play is important


Why do children need to play?

Children love to play, and the beauty of it is that as well as enjoying themselves they also learn learn through the means of play.

They learn to:

  •  To express emotion
  •  To learn about themselves and the world
  • To develop creativity and social skills
  • To help with physical development

There are different types of play, each with many benefits:

  •  Physical: running, jumping, kicking or catching a ball are all good for physical  health, developing strong muscles, and co-ordination
  • Creative and exploratory play: painting, drawing, messy play are all good for problem solving, manipulative skills and exploring
  • Games: board games, card games and other games encourage turn taking, co-operation and language skills
  • Make-believe: all pretend play allows emotional expression, a chance to play different roles and experience different feelings, to work things out and figure out what is real and what is not

Play is a vital learning tool as well as being something children naturally love and enjoy. Enjoy it with them and help them learn.

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