Doula Services

What is a doula & what does a doula do?

The word Doula (“doola”) comes from the Ancient Greek meaning of ‘woman servant or caregiver”.

The role of a doula is to “mother the mother” by offering practical & emotional support to empower before and during birth and in the early days of parenthood.

Both birth doulas and postnatal doulas are available. A birth doula supports a woman before, during and after childbirth by enabling her to have the most satisfying birth that she can. A postnatal doula offers emotional and practical support during the early days and weeks after baby is born.

WHy have a doula?

Research has shown that having a doula present at a birth ;

  • Shortens first-time labour by an average of 2 hours
  • Decreases the chance of caesarean section by 50%
  • Decreases the need for pain medication
  • Helps fathers participate with confidence
  • Increases success in breastfeeding

Source: Doula UK


Postnatal doula services

Nurturing Birth

Having completed my Nurturing Birth Doula Preparation Course I am a member of Doula UK and am thrilled to now offer Postnatal Doula services. I will come to your house to support and empower you however you feel you need. This can be from practical support in caring for your baby such as bathing and feeding, to doing the dishes, caring for your baby whilst you rest, or simply having a cup of tea and a chat. I can signpost you to useful information, further reading and local services and facilities. Please take a look at my profile on the Doula UK website to find out more.


If preferred I also offer a New Baby, New Mama Postnatal Course so you can come and meet other new mums in the area and discuss new parenthood.  These are held in small groups and offer practical and emotional support designed to empower you in the early days of parenthood. We look at a different topic each week from life as a new family and parenting styles to routines  and rhythms and baby’s development.

New Baby, New Mama courses are held one morning a week for 4 weeks at a time with Pitter Patter – The Hub for Bubs and are held at either The Roundhouse SW18 2SS or The Old Fields SW18 5LS. Please get in touch to find out when the date of our next course and to sign up.