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“I attended the weaning workshop run by Jenny of Mama knows Best. I found the workshop to be very informative but also very engaging and interactive. Jenny was keen to provide all the relevant information and lots of helpful tips of her own but not to definitively prescribe what she thought was best. We all took away lots of useful information but one very important point which Jenny dealt with well is how weaning so much depends on the baby in question: instead of focusing on ‘correct’ methods or specific weaning agendas Jenny taught us that weaning should be taken slowly and that we should be guided by our particular babies. A great workshop which I would recommend without hesitation”

 Alex, Mama to Olivia 

Thank you for coming to see Isabella and I the other day! It was really helpful and gave me confidence to just go with the flow. She is loving her food – been giving her sweet potato purée, carrot, squash, avocado, humous, melon and more! She loves it all. Grateful for your wisdom! Thanks again: )

Stephanie, Mama to Isabella 

Article published in families upon Thames magazine, July/august 2014, edition 96

Successful Potty Training by Jenny Neville10460454_874161262612481_7404872290054329378_n

Most parents begin to think about potty training when their child reaches 2 years of age. However, this is by no means set in stone…. View full article


ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON MUMAZINE ON tuesday 1st april, 2014

Mumazine BadgeOnce A Mother, Always a Mother by Jenny Neville

Being a mother is a full time job. When you have a child, you become a mother and going back to work doesn’t change that; you are and will still be a full time mother even…. View full article



Mumazine BadgeTrust Your Maternal Instinct by Jenny Neville

I believe all mothers have a maternal instinct. I believe it is an inbuilt and inherent part of us, and I believe that our maternal instinct is always right. I also believe…….. View full article


Article published on Mumazine on Friday, December 6, 2013

Mumazine BadgeSibling Rivalry by Jenny Neville

Siblings are naturally in competition with each other; who is the oldest, who is the tallest, who can run the fastest, who has the best toys, and the most fundamental of all – who gets the most attention…. View full article